Q: Where can I find a list of all posts on this blog?

There’s an archive page right here. You can also sort by topic.

Q: I want to be supportive. What is the best place for me to buy your books?

I earn the most from e-books purchased directly at my storefront, by a large margin. The rest of the stores are roughly equal. No matter where you shop, thanks for reading!

Q: How long does it take you to write a book?

Some stories come more quickly than others, but I’ve gotten speedier over the years. My first book took me seven years to write and my last one took about six months.

Q: When will your next book be out?

I’ve learned not to make guesses! Announcements show up in my newsletter, on my blog, and on my website. Trust me, I won’t be shy about sharing.

Q: Will you be writing more books in [X] series?

I’m open to writing new books in all my series. But because I only have so many book slots each year, I prioritize books that are either part of an unresolved series, or that are popular with readers. Other times it’s a matter of waiting for a good idea to come along for a particular character. I won’t start writing until I have an idea that excites me.

Q: Why can’t I leave comments on this blog?

I prefer to connect with people in other ways.

You can find more frequently asked questions on my main website.