Backtrack Day

Good afternoon, internet.

The sun is shining, and I’m working on The Hard Way Home and listening to Polish synth wave music. Very boppy and upbeat.

My read of the week is The Witch King by Martha Wells. I started it a while back but didn’t finish it, so this is my second try. It’s one of those books that requires a lot of attention (Dune-like, you might say) and I needed the right frame of mind.

Writing wise, today is a backtrack day. I’ve written my way up to the first antagonist-battle of the story, and before I start smashing shit together (woo hoo!) I need to go back and smooth the path, fix a few small continuity errors, and so on. As much as I love discovery writing (figuring things out as I go) there’s an element of “oh yeah, when I wrote chapter three I hadn’t figured out X” so I end up cycling back and making matters clearer. The trick is to do this efficiently, without re-writing the first third of the book.

It is not yet time to edit!

One book to read. One new album to listen to. One story to write. This week is shaping up great already.

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