Writer, Begin Again

Feet in cozy socks propped up on a fuzzy blanket. Hot cocoa nearby.

Today’s post is a bit of housekeeping for 2024, starting with a small announcement: I have a new blog! And I hope to be more active here over the next year.

What Changed?

A while back, Patrick and I moved CheriBaker.com over to Shopify so we could sell books directly to readers. On the whole, it’s been great! It’s very cool to wake up and see that I’ve sold a book to someone in Germany or North Carolina. Bookselling feels so personal and rewarding when there’s a direct connection with readers.

Unfortunately, Shopify is pretty terrible for blogging. And that’s okay. I’m moving my author blog over to write.as, a robust, easy-to-use service run by the guy who hosts my Mastodon instance.

New Options for Readers

My reader newsletter isn’t going anywhere, but now you also have the option to follow me via this blog, either via RSS or by getting each post by email. You can also follow it directly on the Fediverse by searching for @subscribe@blog.cheribaker.com.

Newsletter: Book recommendations, sales and discounts, publishing updates, links to my best blog posts.

Blog: Whatever I feel like writing about. 😏

No matter how you stay in touch, I’m glad to have you here.