Oil Change

Good morning, universe.

You win some, you lose some. We spent the morning at the dentist, getting a small preview of work to come. Teeth coming up on a half-century of heavy use are like an old freeway in need of refurbishment, and it seems basic bodily maintenance gets more expensive over time. Eye glasses get more complicated and less effective. Last month, a team of dedicated healthcare professionals stuck a high-tech camera up my arse. I'm prepared to be a good sport about what cannot be changed, but sometimes I have to laugh at the strange things we do to keep ourselves going.

If only I could bring my body in for an annual oil change and be done with it! Truss me up in a sling like a prize thoroughbred, knock me out cold, and do all the scoping, scraping, measuring, and scrubbing while I snooze. Wake me up with a minty mouth, irradiated boobs, and a thoroughly inspected colon. Heck, hang an air freshener on my uvula while you're at it!

In truth, I'm just grateful to have medical care. That's by no means a guarantee in this inhumane, upside-down system of ours. And I'll do my best to appreciate the teeth scrapers, the laboratory vampires, and the gastric cinematographers who help keep me alive.

We try to stay healthy so we can live longer, and we live longer so we can spend time with the people we love. Also, so we can do the things we like. So we can enjoy the many experiences of being human.

Every day lately feels full to overflowing. I'm ready to turn off my internet and work on my novel until P makes lunch. There's a big bag of lemons in my pantry that I want to turn into curd this afternoon. Half a basket of laundry to put away. Maybe I'll fit in a run or a walk, depending on the weather. Chapters to read. Books in my TBR pile. Friends and family to connect with.

I never have enough time to fit in everything I want to do.

Keep on going, body of mine! I promise to keep on changing the oil. Rotating the tires.