Links I Like – May 20, 2024

Here's an assortment of interesting things from around the web: – Now that DeviantArt is a shambling husk of what it once was, it's tricky to find places online where you can appreciate human-made art. Cara is trying to set up a new platform for artists to replace what's been lost.

Seattle Aquarium's Beach Naturalist program is back for the season. Wander around at low tide with expert help from a marine science interpreter!

Cowboy Slang – An amusing collection of old-timey words. (Thanks, P!)

The Cardan Grille – I've been reading about the use of cryptography during the Revolutionary War, and this is one method that George Washington's Spies used. Source: Washington's Spies by Alexander Rose

A Clip-on Handcuff Key – This seems more practical than the bobby pins used on television.

The Beautiful Disassociation of the Japanese Language“In particular, a whole realm of consciousness exists in the sphere of Japanese speakers that's perhaps truly unique in the world, more so than the sushi and the nature and decorum. It even allows for new literary techniques that are unimaginable in any other language.”